The Amazing Grace of a Mother and Daughter’s Bond

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March 23, 2018
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April 20, 2018
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I was on my way to visit a close friend of mine who recently loss her sweet mother Grace to Alzheimer’s disease.  As we often do, we embraced each other with a hug. Glancing down, I noticed she was wearing a very eye-catching pair of rainbow colored shoes. They were beautiful, so I asked her where she got them.  She said, “Mom and I made these by coloring them with markers.” She went on to explain that her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease greatly limited the activities in which they could do together, but shoe coloring was one hobby which she could do without shaking.  Plus, her mother really enjoyed it.

My friend was wearing these shoes in honor of her mom, and I know they brought a sense of healing to her soul. I hugged her and suggested she think about opening up a boutique. She could help other families who have a member with Alzheimer’s do activities together, such as making shoes like hers or other crafts. If she chose, she could donate some of the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association. She expressed a desire to give back to Embrace Hospice, and I mentioned our Open Arms Foundation that would happily accept any donations. The healing reach of such a boutique could be extensive. It would be healing not just for Grace’s daughter, but to other families who have gone through the journey with a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

The healing process of a daughter grieving the loss of a mother continues daily, but the time spent with her mom was priceless and was preparing her for her mom’s legacy to keep going … by giving back.